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Leslee has been through 3 major career transitions in her professional life where she has attained a diverse knowledge and experience within many different industry settings and, in being an employee as well as being a contractor and self-employed.

Leslee has also been through many personal transitions which have shaped the individual that she is today; one who is immensely compassionate to the transitions and needs of others and her ability to assist and open eyes to possibilities whether it is business or career development related.

Leslee Richardson

Professional experience includes:

  • More than twenty years of Administrative & Management experience in various industries
  • Small business administrative organization and/or set up of new administrative systems
  • Career Development Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator & Curriculum Development
  • Licensed Hairstylist and Image Consultant
  • Model and, Fashion Show Coordinator and Choreographer
  • Employed in Fashion Houses of Montreal and Toronto in several different capacities
  • Retail /wholesale

In Summary

Leslee is a graduate of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia Canada, where she obtained the  designation of Career Development Practitioner & Facilitator.

For the past decade she has worked as an independent contractor with such organizations as Salvation Army, Dress for Success and Turning Point Recovery in addition to working government contracts with the Employment Programs of BC as a Career and Employment Specialist, Facilitator and Curriculum Designer helping others to navigate their career and business directions.

Now residing in Las Vegas Nevada, Leslee genuinely looks forward to assisting individuals with their business or career development requirements.