Career Development Services

With Rich Impressions First Impressions Count!


Consulting: assess a client’s personality traits, skill sets and interests through various assessments and exercises to help determine the best fit for career and employment directions.

Coaching: provide ongoing support. Prime focus is to engage and empower clients to attain their long term career objectives and aspirations.

The Benefits to you:

  • Enhance your employability skills
  • Strengthen job search resources and how to knowledge
  • Create a branded portfolio which includes all documentation for job applications and interviews (ie resume, cover letter and more)
  • Coach you on your personal and professional presentation –First Impressions– which includes developing effective communication skills in preparation for self-marketing and interviewing.

Group Workshops

Image and Effective Communication; core to self-marketing and interview preparation, and when facilitated in a group format the workshop is vastly interactive

Personality Dimensions-Certified Trainer (True Colors)

Corporate Workshops: With almost a decade of experience developing specialized curriculums, Rich Impressions can target a program and facilitate the workshop towards the objective of a company; ie team building, customer service, effective communication

Also available for Lunch & Learn speaking engagements