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If you are a Self Employed Individual who essentially works on your own, then the most important thing is to concentrate marketing and developing your business and clients. The administrative aspects of a business are the foundation to success yet not everyone has the ability or desire to take care of what they may otherwise consider mundane.

Perhaps you are not in a position yet to hire someone full time to assist you…
Rich Impressions has more than twenty years’ experience providing Administrative Services including setting up and organizing systems for Self-Employed individuals. 

Some aspects Leslee can set up and/or organize for you are:

Some aspects Leslee can set up and/or organize for you are:

  • Developing templates for your branded correspondence
  • Setting up filing systems, hard copy and electronic
  • Setting up bookkeeping records through Excel spreadsheets to facilitate accounting process

Further, Rich Impressions could assist you on an ongoing contract basis with special projects for your business development.

If you are now ready to grow your business and are seeking to hire the “right person” to assist you,
with near a decade of experience as a Career Development Practitioner, Leslee can assist by creating
engaging job descriptions to attract the best candidates, as well as screen resumes and conduct
preliminary interviews to short list for you.


A friend referred Leslee’s expertise to me while she was in town and I sincerely thank her for her assistance in restructuring the administrative systems of my office. I am constantly on the go with my business and had not had the time to really get an efficient administrative system set up.  Leslee came in and immediately put things in order by cleaning up and putting old files in back up and setting up new filing systems for my clients, vendors and general business.  She created templates and spreadsheets for easier management of bookkeeping and payroll purposes.  Leslee also assisted me with follow up of vendor and client business matters.  It is easy to see her dedication, professionalism and personable manner in which she handles all tasks. Finally, it is also very appreciated that she is able to assist further by working remotely if I run into any difficulties.
Thomas Macias
Unlimited Finishing - Las Vegas